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OK, first off, I'm brand new to LINQ2SQL so excuse my ignorance.

I've done some searches, but after 1 hour, I decided to come here.

Here goes:

I'm trying to do something that I think is very simple. It could just be that I don't understand. I'm using LINQ 2 SQL, via the VS designer. I have 2 tables: Clients and Categories. A client can have multiple categories.

I have a very simple query to find clients:

Client c = db.Clients.SingleOrDefault(client => client.ID == id);

What I want to do is modify this so that the collection: c.Categories, will only contain a subset of that client's categories.

This is what I've tried:

Client c = db.Categories.Where(cat => cat.IsActive == true).Select(cat.Clients).SingleOrDefault(client => client.ID == id);

I get an error reporting that more than one client is being returned.

  1. Am I missing something? Is this not something that LINQ is designed to do?
  2. Am I supposed to use the first query then do another query specifically on Categories when I need that list??

    c.Categories.Categories.Where(cat => cat.IsActive == true)

Thank you in advance.

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how do you want to restrict the list of categories for a client? Is there e.g. a "IsActive (bool)" field on the categories table you wish to look at? –  marc_s Dec 30 '09 at 22:19
That's exactly what I'm trying to do. –  Kevin Dec 30 '09 at 22:50

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SingleOrDefault() is for when there's ONLY one result. It seems like there's more than one record that has that id. Try using FirstOrDefault() instead.

Client c = db.Categories.Where(cat => cat.Name == "Name").Select(cat.Clients).FirstOrDefault(client => client.ID == id);
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It compiles and runs, but the condition (cat.Name == "Name") is totally ignored. –  Kevin Dec 30 '09 at 22:16
OK, looking over your code, I'm actually confused as to what you're trying to accomplish. What exactly are you looking to do? Are you looking to delete records from the DB? –  BFree Dec 30 '09 at 22:36
I just copied Marc's comment: how do you want to restrict the list of categories for a client? Is there e.g. a "IsActive (bool)" field on the categories table you wish to look at? – marc_s 30 mins ago Does this make sense? –  Kevin Dec 30 '09 at 22:50

The problem is that the Categories.Where part in combination with the Select, is returning a collection of collections. What you may need to do is either use SelectMany, or use Single (or SingleOrDefault, or First or FirstOrDefault) instead of Where.


Client c = db.Categories.Where(cat => cat.IsActive)
                        .SingleOrDefault(client => client.ID == id);


Client c = db.Categories.Single(cat => cat.IsActive)
                        .SingleOrDefault(client => client.ID == id);
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The 2nd one isn't going to work. I need ALL categories with that Name... May be name is a bad example...Let me modify my original question –  Kevin Dec 30 '09 at 22:54
You still made the error, you need SelectMany in your case. –  Aviad P. Dec 31 '09 at 6:17

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