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I have installed the virtual box 4.3 in my windows 7 OS. Inside the virtual box, I have created the ubuntu machine (64-bit), with a fixed hard disk size of 50GB.

I wanted to backup the .vdi hardisk and the ubuntu machine, to avoid any untoward incident. Currently, I am manually copying the .vdi file to and external hard drive and also exporting the appliance from the virtual box option. This is taking quite some time.

Is there any other elegant way to ensure I do not lose out on the ubuntu machine setup, in case of the windows OS crash?

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grsync is a graphical utility. It seems to work well and would let you back up your virtual machine. If you prefer shell rsync is the back end for it.

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The virtual box backup can be done in 2 ways

  1. Copy the hard disk storage Example : Ubuntu.vdi file Recreate the virtual machine in the new system and use the option of "use existing hard disk".
  2. Export the appliance and import it into the new system. The details can be seen in the manual https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch01.html#ovf
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