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First and foremost, sorry if this question is noob-ish, as I am still trying hard to convert from the world of VB to world of C++, also apologies for the long question, I am really trying to explain this question as clear as I can:

I am making an Excel XLL add-in which takes an array of values, say for example:




Now if I am passing in this range of cells it is passed in as an xloper pointer, say *xloper animals.

My ultimate goal is to make this an enumeration type where I can quickly loop through another range to sum values (so like a sumif function).

Say for example:

If I have:

Animal ID Weight Gender

Dog 1 50 F

Cat 1 20 M

Dog 2 30 F

Cat 2 15 F

Tiger 1 5000 F

Rabbit 1 5 F

Cat 3 35 M

Rabbit 2 20 M

Elephant 1 10000 M

Then I would ended up getting (depending on my last parameter groupByGender set to true or false):

If groupByGender is set to true, then I would sum the weight by animal and by gender, so my return value would be:

Dog M 0

Dog F 80

Cat M 55

Cat F 15

Rabbit M 20

Rabbit F 5

Note that I need male dog group to return a value even if it is 0 (no corresponding entry).

Now if I set the GroupByGender off in my Excel function, then my output would look like:

Dog 80

Cat 70

Rabbit 25

Note that in both cases, tiger and elephant did not appear in the results as they are not in my first lookup list. Also, the order of Dog/Cat/Rabbit and M/F is fixed and may not be the same as the order in the *xloper animals list.

My first idea is to somehow loop through my animal xloper object to create the enumeration, however I can only get the first element (Dog) when I try to convert my xloper object to string. Therefore, my first question is how can I loop through such an xloper object to create a enumeration?

Number 2, and perhaps more important to me in this case, is there any other efficient way in doing this rather than comparing enumeration, provided: 1. it has to be done in C++ (because I am learning it!) and 2. The input structure can not be changed (so I won't be able to add/delete a column in Excel).

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