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D3 tree layout automatically adds extra attributes like

depth , x , y , parent

Since parent is a circular relation ( means : parent contain children details and each child contain parent details) JSON.stringify(json) (where json is my variable contain json data ) shows error :

TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON .

Solutions I found :

  1. Override toJSON function of json variable.

  2. Using second attribute of stringify function .

For the second method I used a function censor

var censor = function (censor) {
    return (function () {
        return function (key, value) {
            if (key != 'parent' && key != 'depth' && key != 'x' && key != 'y')
                return value;

And while stringifying I used


The problem solved .

My question is , Is there any better method than this ? Or is there any d3 api to solve this problem ?

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Since you are not doing anything with the argument in your function and the IIFE is pretty useless as well, you can simplify the function to var censor = function(key, value) { if(...) return value; }; and then pass it as second argument to JSON.stringify. –  Felix Kling Nov 7 '13 at 5:12

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