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When using Yeoman with the angular generator, I build a dist by running grunt. This works great but my question is that why does the dist folder also contain all the bower components when I actually just need the min.js ones.

Is there a setting in the grunt file I can hack to get only the min.js files in a vendor folder, to keep the dist. as small as possible?

I am currently manually creating a vendor folder and copying the min.js files to it referencing them in my index.html, but it would be great if I could automate that.

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This is way Yeoman create the project and the grunt file. So you can customize the grunt.js file in order to omit the unwanted files.

In the grunt.js file replace the 'bower_components/**/*', to 'bower_components/**/*.min.js',

This will copy only the min.js files.

Hope this will help.

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What about resources referenced without the min.js? like; bower_components/angular-underscore/angular-underscore.js –  numediaweb Jan 26 at 9:38

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