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In my Android app, I want to keep the screen on. I do that using:


This works but what I noticed is that the screen will flicker between a slightly dimmed state. This happens because I use wakelocks throughout my app that get acquired and released for short periods of time. According to the docs, doing a release can cause the screen to dim but it states only if no other wakelocks are currently activated. But I also use a permanent wakelock in one section of my app, so theoretically, the screen should never dim. But it does dim for a brief moment. I believe this dimming is due to releasing the wakelock. Is there some way to prevent this flickering?

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Even though deprecated, I had to use the wakelock method to turn on the display followed by the flag you use. And I do not release the wakelock before onPause –  cYrixmorten Nov 7 '13 at 7:27
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