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How do I evaluate a template, recevied via AJAX?

Let's say I have a directive, that sets a click-listener to its host element, so on click it makes an ajax-call, receives some angular-based template, evaluates it, and shows some modal popup?

The main problem is that as a client, I dont exactly know what template to fetch, the server handles that, based on received parameters

$http.post( '... url ...' , {
  'param': value,
}).success(function (ans) {
 // evaluate and create popup here

Thanks in advance!

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Your directive's template could have a <div ng-iclude="scopedVar.templateUrl"></div>

Whenever scopedVar.templateUrl changes, the template will get loaded and compiled/linked (all this magic you're missing). Keep in mind that ng-include will also cache the template inside $templateCache (will only be asked once).

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Thank you very much! That was not the solution I finnaly applied, but this made me think in right direction. –  Eugene Nov 7 '13 at 8:45

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