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I have these two classes MobRec & MobDef and I want to reference an array pointer of (MobDef) *mobInfo from MobRec. #import the mobdefs.h file in MobRec.h or .m but no luck any ideas?

// Basic class unit 
@interface MobRec : NSObject { 
NSString *mName; 
int speed; 

// Master Class holding an array of units 
@interface MobDef : NSObject { 
NSMutableArray *mobInfo; 

@property(retain) NSMutableArray *mobInfo;  

@synthesize MobInfo; 

- (id)init { // to add a new node and initialize it 
mobInfo = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; 
MobRec *aNewMobRec = [[MobRec alloc] init]; 
[mobInfo addObject:aNewMobRec];  
[aNewMobRec release]; 
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The problem is that individual files have no knowledge of other files in your project, since Objective-C is a derivative of C. You need to #import the header files of any other classes that you need to use:

// ModDef.m
#import "MobDef.h"
#import "ModRec.h"

@implementation MobDef

@synthesize mobInfo; // case matters here

- (id)init
    mobInfo = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
    MobRec* aNewMobRec = [[MobRec alloc] init];
    [mobInfo addObject:aNewMobRec];
    [aNewMobRec release];

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Well, your @synthesize doesn't match @property declaration - you're declaring properties for mobInfo but generating synthesized accessors for MobInfo.

Of are you getting some other error?

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that was just a typo in the post thanks. –  user240272 Dec 31 '09 at 3:01

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