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Quick question: In some cases, an activity will need to be destroyed to free up resources. In that scenario, when the user navigates back to said activity, onCreate() will first be called. I'm asking if onRestoreInstanceState() will still be called if ever that happens.

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Yes, it will.

First onCreate() is called with the saved instance state as a bundle. Then onStart() is called. Then onRestoreInstanceState() is called with the same bundle that was passed to onCreate().

This gives you the option to restore the state either in onCreate() or in onRestoreInstanceState().

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onRestoreInstanceState() method is called after onStart() when the activity is being re-initialized from a previously saved state, given here in savedInstanceState

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Uhmm, that doesn't really answer my question. –  user1923613 Nov 7 '13 at 8:49

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