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I have create an admin server. If I try to access to http://localhost:5984/_utils/config.html

futon ask me the credential for administrator, and if I digit username e password all work perfectly. But if I try to run the command:

curl -X POST http://username:password@localhost:5984/_session

couchdb response with a HTTP 401 error. The message is

{error":"unauthorized","reason":"Name or password is incorrect."}

but I'm sure that the username and the password are correct. In effect if I try to run the command:

curl -X GET "http://username:password@localhost:5984/_session"

the response is ok and the content message tell me that I have the role of _admin.

Why therefore the POST method not working?

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You need to POST the username and password as a URL encoded POST body, or as a JSON object:



    "name": "root",
    "password": "relax"

And you need to set the correct Content-Type header for either.

See the official docs for details

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ok thanks! with the command curl -X POST username:password@localhost:5984/_session -d "name=username&password=password" I can log in. Instead I can't log in with the command curl -X POST localhost:5984/_session -d "name=username&password=password" why? – Morris Nov 8 '13 at 14:05

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