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I have the following backbone.js script. Traditionally I was rendering the view by using:

var myItem = new Item();

myItem.fetch(); var reward_view = new ListView({model:myItem}); reward_view.render();

However, most of the examples I have seen don't do this and somehow allow you to load/init the view by using using:

var listView = new ListView();

How? This is what I have tried:


   var Item = Backbone.Model.extend({
        urlRoot: '/api/v1/1/'

  var List = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Item

  var ListView = Backbone.View.extend({

    el: '#reward_view',

       initialize: function(){
      _.bindAll(this, 'render'); // every function that uses 'this' as the current object should be in here

      this.collection = new List();


     render: function(){
      $(this.el).html('<h1>Hello' + this.model.get('name') + '</h1>');
      return this; // for chainable calls, like .render().el

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You need to bind the model or collection. You are almost there tho. – Glyn Jackson Nov 7 '13 at 10:28

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