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I need some help about this little project. I'm begginer in java and it seems to me too hard to make it by myself. So please Help me. I will apperciate any help...

A waiter delivers a sequence of letters to various players who are connected. Each player proposes a server anagrams he discovered from the sequence of letters: the server checks the validity of anagrams, determines a score for each anagram found by the players and finally communicates the list of anagrams found with their scores. The server will host several parties play simultaneously, either party may accommodate one or more players. A player must not undergo a waiting period before the start part over a fixed period t. Moreover, each party can accommodate more than p players. To this end, each player that connects candidate is put in queue: all periods t (or more frequently if players are candidates p) if at least one player was connected,part begins with players waiting. In part, the server continues to host Players can begin and new parts simultaneously.

The client is used to connect to game server launched, it connects to the server using a pseudonym and a password passed as parameter. When the client receives signal a new game starts with the random letters, it displays it and waits on standard input communication of anagrams found by the player. The client receives Besides placing messages _a day scores of each player and displays it only after _a the entry of each anagram player (not to disturb the display). At the finn party, the client displays all anagrams of all players and their scores sent by the server UDP For the variant UDP client and server in the trade of UDP datagrams unicast to negotiate the connection. During the negotiation, the server communicates a socket multicast will be used for multi disseminate the draft letter, the latest scores and the overall list of anagrams found. The anagrams found by each player will be sent by the client multicast to all participants (including the server). The server acquiesces in a multicast communication receiving an anagram with the updated score of player. Because the management of simultaneous, a multicast socket will be opened for each party.

TCP In TCP mode, the server opens a socket to listen for new connections. Sharing data between the server and each client is insured by a bidirectional TCP flows.

A method of auto-negotiation should be implemented: when connecting a communication test be done on the multicast socket server. If successful, the method is UDP multicast used, if data exchange is realized by TCP unicast flows.

Thank you!

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Help #1 Break it down into individual tasks. Help #2 Ask a specific question! Help #3 Clarify what parts you have tried, what parts you are stuck on Help #4 Tag your question with the language of choice so people find it easier. – GrayWizardx Dec 31 '09 at 0:51
What sort of help are you looking for? How far have you progressed with it so far? What is your background? Have you read any Java tutorials? Have you ever written any Java programs before? Have you ever programmed before? – Mark Byers Dec 31 '09 at 0:52
And most importantly have you made an attempt at solving this or did you just copy paste the abovemessage here? – steve Dec 31 '09 at 1:01
Based on the term "waiter" being used instead of "Server", I suspect this is translated :-/ – Kristopher Ives Dec 31 '09 at 1:26

the server checks the validity of anagrams

This step may use the Jumble algorithm, a version of which is shown here.

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