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Any one please tell constant value for WC_TREEVIEW? I am creating an application in wpf with Win32 control. I would like to add the control as TreeView. i used the following code,

HWND hwndTree = CreateWindowEx(
0, 0, rc.right, rc.bottom,
hwnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL);

But i don't know the value of WC_TREEVIEW. Please tell any one.

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The macro is defined in the Platform SDK's <CommCtrl.h> header as follows:

#ifdef _WIN32
    #define WC_TREEVIEWA            "SysTreeView32"
    #define WC_TREEVIEWW            L"SysTreeView32"

    #ifdef UNICODE
        #define  WC_TREEVIEW            WC_TREEVIEWW
        #define  WC_TREEVIEW            WC_TREEVIEWA

    #define WC_TREEVIEW             "SysTreeView"

Depending on your requirements (ANSI or UNICODE; x86 or x64) you have to pick one. If you are targetting 64-bit simply use "SysTreeView". For a 32-bit target platform you have to use "SysTreeView32" either as an ANSI or UNICODE string.

The following table lists the string literals for the possible combinations:

        |      32-bit      |    64-bit
ANSI    | "SysTreeView32"  | "SysTreeView"
UNICODE | L"SysTreeView32" | "SysTreeView"
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