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I saw something strange in Koa. It has some new function names (from https://github.com/koajs/koa/blob/master/examples/co.js#L10):

  return function *(){
    var paths = yield fs.readdir('docs');

    var files = yield paths.map(function(path){
      return fs.readFile('docs/' + path, 'utf8');

    this.type = 'markdown';
    this.body = files.join('');

What does return function *() mean? Can we declare a function with the name of * in JavaScript?

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It means that the function returns an iterator (so it can be repeatedly called with .next() to yield more values.

check out http://wingolog.org/archives/2013/05/08/generators-in-v8 for more info

It's an ES6 construct, so at the moment you see it more in node rather than client side js

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BTW, it's only availaible in unstable node for now (>=0.11) with the flag --harmony-generators –  toasted_flakes Dec 19 '13 at 19:56

Koa makes use of a new JavaScript feature called generators, and the * is the way to identify a generator in V8.

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