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I am looking at developing a simple (to start with) UEFI Boot loader to load a ELF image, and was wondering if anyone had a good entry point into maybe any existing projects, or examples that I can use to get started out with.

In addition I was wondering if any one had any experience in getting virtual box to run an EFI application. I have set up a VM with EFI mother board but can seam to create an EFI System Partition for it to load out of (without using an OS), all I can achieve is the UEFI command line.

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You might try taking a look at the GRUB or elilo source code. These are also good because they support loading ELF images. You might also look to the EDK2, there is a lot of good code there, and it's easy to build EFI executable images with it.

When referencing the UEFI, I also like to use Phoenix's wiki. I find the boot services entry to be especially useful.

Hope this helps at least a little!

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