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I am trying to add a sub menu to the buttons dropdown using Bootstrap 3. The problem is there is no support for sub-menus in Bootstrap 3.

However, I found this http://bootply.com/86684 which does the job with some issues like: 1. This will not work on touch devices as the submenus are activated on hover. 2. The sub menu should align to the right or left depending upon the available screen width.

I also found a couple of suggested solutions to resolve this here at Bootstrap 3 dropdown sub menu missing

However, when tried these do not work. Here is a bootply that I have set up. Link: http://bootply.com/92390

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Regards. Shreerang

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Here is an example based on stackoverflow.com/questions/18023493/… that works pretty well: bootply.com/92442 It uses jQuery to adjust the left position. –  Skelly Nov 7 '13 at 13:13
@Skelly your example proved useful. I was missing a few menu classes and had some unnecessary ones. Cleared those things and then things are working really cool. Here is the link to the final code. bootply.com/92684 Hope this helps someone else as well. –  Shreerang Nov 8 '13 at 6:12
Until today (9 jan 2014) the Bootstrap 3 still not support sub menu dropdown. I searched thru Google about responsive navigation menu and found this is the best i though. It is Smart menus smartmenus.org I hope this is the way out for anyone who want navigation menu with multilevel sub menu. –  vee Jan 9 at 6:56
Still, both bootply examples fail in mobile view. –  HenryW Mar 28 at 20:32

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I had a pretty much messed up code with wrong classes in place.

The code that works.

Link: bootply.com/92684

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