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I have a list of categoryTypes and each categoryType has a list of categories within them and i am displaying them in a dropdown which the user can select multiple items from and the choices made will filter what apps are shown in the view (this is an inhouse appstore)

This is the JSON file im working with.

[{"type":"category","id":1181,"categoryType":{"id":1180,"name":"Technology"},"name":"Spotfire"},{"type":"category","id":1182,"categoryType":{"id":1180,"name":"Technology"},"name":"PipelinP"},{"type":"category","id":1184,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"IBSI"},{"type":"category","id":1185,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"Clin"},{"type":"category","id":1187,"categoryType":{"id":1186,"name":"Capability"},"name":"Chemistry"},{"type":"category","id":1188,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"Key Opinion Leaders"},{"type":"category","id":1189,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"Pnts"},{"type":"category","id":1190,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"CI"},{"type":"category","id":1191,"categoryType":{"id":1180,"name":"Technology"},"name":"VantageP"},{"type":"category","id":1192,"categoryType":{"id":1183,"name":"Category"},"name":"Targets"},{"type":"category","id":1193,"categoryType":{"id":1186,"name":"Capability"},"name":"Information Science"},{"type":"category","id":1194,"categoryType":{"id":1186,"name":"Capability"},"name":"DMP"},{"type":"category","id":1195,"categoryType":{"id":1180,"name":"Technology"},"name":"Spotfire Web Player"},{"type":"category","id":1196,"categoryType":{"id":1186,"name":"Capability"},"name":"PredictiveS"},{"type":"category","id":1198,"categoryType":{"id":1197,"name":"Function"},"name":"PharmD"},{"type":"category","id":1199,"categoryType":{"id":1197,"name":"Function"},"name":"iM - CV/GI"},{"type":"category","id":1200,"categoryType":{"id":1180,"name":"Technology"},"name":"Mobile Apps"},{"type":"category","id":1201,"categoryType":{"id":1197,"name":"Function"},"name":"RAPIDE"},{"type":"category","id":1202,"categoryType":{"id":1197,"name":"Function"},"name":"iM - Oncology"},{"type":"category","id":1203,"categoryType":{"id":1186,"name":"Capability"},"name":"Clin"}]

But because an admin can add categoryTypes and categories to any type the dropdowns need to be dynamically created as they were hard coded. There needs to be a new dropdown for each Category Type.

So what i was able to do was have all categories shown in one dropdown grouped by category type with this;

<select class="form-control"  multiple class="span4 chzn-select" chosen="myCategories" data-placeholder=" "  ng-model="c"  ng-options=" group by for c in myCategories">

I created the factory to get the categories;

.factory('categoryFactory', function ($resource) {
        return $resource(

The controller looks like this;

$scope.myCategories = [];

  categoryFactory.query(function (d) {
            $scope.myCategories = d;

So for example take the first line of the JSON.

The the category of 'Spotfire' is in the categoryType 'Technology'.

So for that categorytype i would need the dropdown of technology which shows at least spotfire + whatever else is parsed in the JSON file being in that categoryType.

Then another dropdown for the next categoryType and so on.

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Here's an alternate version rendering each select individually. It's using a custom groupBy filter (using underscore):

app.filter('groupBy', ['$parse', function ($parse) {
  return function groupByFilter(input, groupByExpr) {
    return _.groupBy(input, $parse(groupByExpr));


<div ng-repeat="(categoryTypeName, categories) in groupedCategories track by categoryTypeName">

    ng-options="c as for c in categories track by"

Unfortunately the filter has to be applied when the the data changes,

$scope.$watchCollection('categories', function (categories) {
  $scope.groupedCategories = groupByFilter(categories, '');

because if used with ng-repeat directly angular will complain about an Infinite $digest Loop.


On the other hand, given your requirements, it would be a lot simpler if your json would already be structured the way you need it (category types with a list of child-categories, not the other way around).

original answer:

I can't really picture your final layout, but a simple starting point could be the group by feature of ng-options.


  ng-options="c as group by for c in categories track by" 


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What i want is for each category type to have its own dropdown box with only those categories in it. So there should be at the minute 4 seperate dropdowns generated and if an admin adds a new caategoryType then a new dropdown should be generated on loading the page. I have uploaded an image of what i have at the minute which is all hardcoded but this is what i am trying to get it to look like; – sawyer762 Nov 7 '13 at 12:58
@user2964618 is good demo and you can easily achieve what you interesting based on this example – Maxim Shoustin Nov 7 '13 at 12:59
@user2964618 I see, I'll update my answer shortly. Though you'll at the very least need some custom filters to achieve that. ;) – Yoshi Nov 7 '13 at 13:10
Thank you, exactly what i was looking for :) ! – sawyer762 Nov 7 '13 at 15:37
@sawyer762 just leave another comment, I think we should be able to open a chat then. – Yoshi Nov 12 '13 at 8:14

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