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I'm doing a website with Twitter Bootstrap 3. I've got one dropdown on my navbar and I wanted to show that dropdown on mouse hover if the width of the window is higher than 780px. If the width is less than 780px I see the mobile menu version, so in that case I wanted to click in the navbar to show the dropdown. I've got this code in $( window ).resize(function() and in $(document).ready(function()

if ($(window).width() >= 780) {
    jQuery('ul.nav li.dropdown').hover(function () {
        jQuery(this).find('.dropdown-menu').stop(true, true).delay(50).fadeIn();
    }, function () {
        jQuery(this).find('.dropdown-menu').stop(true, true).delay(50).fadeOut();

With this code if my width is less than 780px when I open the website I see the mobile navbar version and the dropdown just showed up when I click on in and if I resize my window to up than 780px the dropdown menu opens on hover (just what I want !!!!).

But if I open the website with a width higher than 780px (the dropdown will shows when mouse over) and resize the window for a width lower than 780px the mobile navbar will open on mouse over, and that's the problem !

Sorry for my English, hope someone could help me .

EDIT: I think I need to do an else statement inverting the if statement but how can I do that ?

EDIT for Pauix:

function dropdown() {
  if ($(window).width() >= 780) {

    jQuery('ul.nav li.dropdown').hover(function() {
      jQuery(this).find('.dropdown-menu').stop(true, true).delay(50).fadeIn();
    }, function() {
      jQuery(this).find('.dropdown-menu').stop(true, true).delay(50).fadeOut();


// Execute on load
// Bind event listener

I tried some else statements, the best I could do is remove the hover with $("ul.nav li.dropdown").unbind('mouseenter mouseleave'); but with this I can't even see the dropdown when I click in the parent of the dropdown

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You should check this question, I think the answer given there also applies to your case.

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Or I did something wrong or doesn't works for me – luidgi27 Nov 7 '13 at 14:17
You're missing an else case. If you don't add an else clause, your code will be able to switch from "small" to "big", but not from "big" to "small". Add an else statement with all the instructions you use to load the small window and it should work fine. – pauix Nov 7 '13 at 16:57
I know I'm missing an else case. Problem is I don't know what to insert in that else case because everuthing I tried doesn't work ... – luidgi27 Nov 7 '13 at 17:05

I fix the problem ! After a lot of tries to make it work I remembered that I could make the same that If does with

ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu{
display: block; }

So I use a media query and it's working :)

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