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I'm building my first AngularJS app.

I am wanting to dynamically change the page title upon route change, so I first tried structuring my app as:

<html ng-app>

I'm wanting to have a page-level controller, then have sub-controllers below that.

So, I started by:

var app = angular.module("squareUpYourSavings", ["page1", "page2", "..."]);

app.controller('GlobalController', ['$scope', '$rootScope', function GlobalController($scope, $rootScope) {

    $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function (event, current, previous) {
        $rootScope.title = current.$$route.title;

    $rootScope.$on("$locationChangeStart", function (event, nextLocation, currentLocation) {
            console.log('nextLocation :: ' + nextLocation);
            console.log('currentLocation :: ' + currentLocation);

But this doesn't work. (not sure why) I have a nav that points to directory-level controllers and the ng-view DOES work, but the <title> doesn't change. Nor does the $locationChange listener fire at all. It's as if this top-level Controller isn't even being heard at all.

So, then I changed the <html> element to specify the top-level controller:

<html id="ng-app" ng-controller="GlobalController">

This does now work, but the route seems to be firing twice. Initial page load shows this:

nextLocation :: location.html#/
currentLocation :: location.html#/ 

When I then go to a route, it correctly fires the before & after, but then double-fires when I get there:

nextLocation :: location.html#savings-video         // expected
currentLocation :: location.html#/                  // expected
nextLocation :: location.html#/savings-video/       // not expected
currentLocation :: location.html#savings-video      // not expected

Is this expected behavior? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Scott

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For global stuff that is related to the whole app and not a certain module - like the title, I suggest you put the logic in the main controller: the run module method :

var app = angular.module("squareUpYourSavings", ["page1", "page2", "..."]);
app.run(function($rootScope) {
     $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function (event, current, previous) {
         $rootScope.title = current.$$route.title;

Oh, and you should leave your router to decide which controller is in "control":

<html ng-app> 
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