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I am thinking about using Raspberry Pi to power a device which will communicate with a PC or smartphone (Windows Phone 8 for now) over Bluetooth. This communication will entail that the pi should be able to respond to certain requests from the host as well as the possibility for the host to send a file to the pi and possibly vice versa. The purpose of the other communication is simply for the host to probe some information from the pi and for example manage its files.

Now I am thinking about using Arch Linux on the pi though I could use Raspbian or something else if it would make a difference. I plan on operating it headless with a Mono C# application doing almost all the work, the need for the user to interface with the OS can therefore never arise. I therefore need the C# application to make use a USB Bluetooth dongle plugged into the pi. It should not be a problem to set the whole thing up with a gui first, make it headless and then just use the sd card image.

So far I have found the 32feet.NET library which seems to allow a .Net application to make use of Bluetooth communication and OBEX file transfer but I am not sure if it will work with the Linux on the pi, I would appreciate if someone could please clear that up for me.

Also, if I am to use the 32feet library on both the client and server side, will it allow me seamless interaction between the applications and therefore the eliminate the need for the user to interface with some OS menus?

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