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I'm creating an application that starts with a hidden window, but shows a permanent icon on the Taskbar.

I need that when the User clicks (LEFT button) on that SysTray icon, the application window is restored (identical behavior found in many well-known programs). I don't want a ContextMenu, which usually appears when the user Right clicks.

The problem is: How to add the LEFT click event properly? I made a few attempts but nothing happens. When I click the icon the Debuger window shows a message error:

Ti.UI.TrayItem - Error- Failed to fire event: target=UI.TrayItem, reason="NUll pointer"

I searched the online API documentation and found no method,event or property called "Ti.UI.TrayItem" !

In my attempt to implement this feature, I did the following:

var _window =Ti.UI.currentWindow;

var tray = Ti.UI.addTray('myApp_logo.png');  
tray.addEventListener('click', function(e) { 

How to add the LEFT click event correctly for this situation ?

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