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I have the following serial ports listed in my devicemanager:

  • COM3
  • COM4 (BT)
  • COM5 (BT)
  • COM6 (GlobeTrotter MO67xx - Control Interface)
  • COM7 (GlobeTrotter MO67xx - GPS Control Interface)
  • COM8 (GlobeTrotter MO67xx - GPS Data Interface)
  • COM9 (GlobeTrotter MO67xx - Diagnostics Interface)
  • COM11 (USB Serial Port)
  • COM12 (USB Serial Port)
  • COM45 (SUNIX COM Port)
  • COM46 (SUNIX COM Port)

The SUNIX COM ports are connected via an internal PCI-Card. The USB Serial Port is connected via USB (FDTI-chip) The GlobeTrotter ports are from a GlobeTrotter device connected via USB. There are also a modem, a USB-device and a network device listed for this modem.

So I have several different sources of serial ports.

All I want to do is to get a list containing all those ports using WMI.

For my tests I am using WMI Code Creator

Test 1:

root\CIMV2; Query: SELECT * FROM Win32_SerialPort only returns the following serial ports:

  • COM3
  • COM4
  • COM5

Test 2:

root\WMI; Query: SELECT * FROM MSSerial_PortName only returns the following serial ports:

  • COM3
  • COM11
  • COM12
  • COM45
  • COM45

How can I get a complete list of serial ports?

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The Win32_SerialPort class used in this article reports the physical com ports, if you wanna enumerate all the serial ports including the USB-Serial/COM ports, you must use the MSSerial_PortName class located in the root\wmi namespace.

Also try these classes located in the same namespace

  • MSSerial_CommInfo
  • MSSerial_CommProperties
  • MSSerial_HardwareConfiguration
  • MSSerial_PerformanceInformation

Note : If you want to know the properties and methods of this class you can use the WMI Delphi Code Creator.

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This returns only 3 instances (the 2 SUNIX included), but all Bluetooth-SerialPorts are missing. –  AlexS Nov 8 '13 at 9:33
+1 for WMI Delphi Code Creator. –  AlexS Nov 8 '13 at 9:34
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I found the solution.

The following query (root\CIMV2) gets the requested results:

SELECT * FROM Win32_PnPEntity WHERE ClassGuid="{4d36e978-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}"
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