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Here is what I've tried from their getting started page...

  1. The SpringSource Community Download links to a page that has no mention of Spring Batch Admin. Looks like the original link is either dead or now redirects to something else.

  2. I get connection timeouts for the S3Browse App link

  3. The source building process just fails and every fix leads to a new failure. Started with missing artifacts/repositories and now looks to be related to Maven 3 vs Maven 2?

  4. The maven build process seems to pull down a jar instead of a war

Google searches for download links keep referring me back to this page. What am I missing? There has to be some publicly available download page with prebuilts .war somewhere.

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My guess is documentation wasn't all updated (sigh).

SNAPSHOT builds aren't something that should be used somewhere serious, apart from no-other-way-out situations. Try either 1.2.2.RELEASE (not on github somewhy) or 1.2.1.RELEASE.




Disclaimer - too lazy to try it out myself.

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Thanks, I'll look deeper into this. I now realize that the admin UI was never really meant to be a deliverable but rather something we build ourselves (blah I don't want to have to manage merges and customizations every time they update their code). I am going to assume this is why there is no pre-built .war file I can download. –  Andrew White Nov 9 '13 at 0:26

If you're looking to just test drive the app as I was, you can follow these steps:

Check out the source from github at https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-batch-admin. Next step is to go to the spring-batch-admin-sample directory and use maven/jetty to run it.

mvn jetty:run

Now in your browser, go to:


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