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I have an application that uses facebook login to get user details. I use facebook sdk v3.5. I am able to login and get details without any problem when using the apk file. But after uploading the apk to market, I tried downloading and use the app. On click of facebook login, I am getting the dialog box that asks for user permissions for access details. After that, the app is returning to the same screen. Its not moving to next screen. What could be the issue.

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This is most likely a key hash issue. When you sign an apk for the play store, you're using a different key store, which would give you a different key hash. You need to put that key hash into your facebook app settings along with the one you've been using for debug builds. If you look at the logcat errors, you should see an error with the new key hash. –  Ming Li Nov 7 '13 at 18:39

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