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in my project we have a reoccurring dialog layout that i'm hoping to consistently replicate between each of the similar dialogs.

In the template dialog, we have a grid that contains a logo and in the center of the dialog has controls specific to that particular instance of the dialog

my hope is to somehow consistently replicate the look, like a template, across each of the dialogs.

  • I think I want a layout control, where content can be added to the center of the grid
  • I want to use Blend, such that our designers can manipulate the controls specific to the individual dialog while looking at the template

is there a way to do this? I'm I looking in the wrong direction by thinking of a custom layout control? would I be better off with some type of grid template?

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You can do this with a simple ContentControl, by setting it's ContentTemplate to the "templated" part of the Dialog, and leaving a ContentPresenter as a placeholder for the modifiable part. – HighCore Nov 7 '13 at 17:21
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Here is a great way to do this - How to create a WPF UserControl with NAMED content

my preferred is not the answer to the above question, rather the comment

"The answer is to not use a UserControl to do it.

Create a class that extends ContentControl"

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