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I have got a requirement that we need to make a telephone call using ASP.NET application.

Our ASP.NET application is used in call center. Currently, they make a call to customer manually. Now, the call should go from our application by clicking the phone number link and starts recording the conversation between the agent (application user) and customer.

  1. What all would be the hardware requirements for the above scenario?
  2. How can we implement telephone calling in asp.net application and what are the required components to implement the same?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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If you want to use phone line you should use Computer-telephony boards, for example Dialogic: http://www.dialogic.com/products/ip_enabled/ip_boards.htm They should have API, so you will be able to use it from your application.

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In addition to Asterisk, you might also consider Twilio, a web based telephony service that provides you a rest based api for making and receiving phone calls. See http://www.twilio.com/docs/howto/ for info.

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