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I have a controller method in my Scala Play project that takes JSON as input. I would like to turn this JSON into a model object I have.

Here is my controller method:

def broadcastPost = Action(parse.json) { request =>
  (request.body).asOpt[Post].map { post =>
    Post.create(post.channelId, post.message, post.datePosted,
      Map("status" -> "OK", "message" -> ("Post created"))
  }.getOrElse {
      Map("status" -> "Error", "message" -> ("Missing parameter [Post]"))

And here is the model:

case class Post(id: Pk[Long], channelId: Long, message: String, datePosted: Date, author: String)

and its implicit formatter:

implicit val postFormat = (
  (__ \ "id").formatNullable[Long] and
  (__ \ "channelId").format[Long] and
  (__ \ "message").format[String] and
  (__ \ "datePosted").format[Date] and
  (__ \ "author").format[String]
  )((id, channelId, message, datePosted, author) => Post(, channelId, message, datePosted, author),
  (p: Post) => (, p.channelId, p.message, p.datePosted,

When I send a POST request to that method with the following data:

{"channelId":1, "message":"Wanna get a game in?", "dateCreated":"5-15-2013", "author":"Eliot Fowler"}

I get the following response:

{"status":"Error","message":"Missing parameter [Post]"}

I am very new to Scala, so I may be overlooking something very simple here.

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What does the entry in your routes file look like for this method? – Robin Green Nov 7 '13 at 21:45
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Instead of using asOpt, which loses the error, you should use validate, which will allow you to return the error message, and then see what the problem is, eg:

def broadcastPost = Action(parse.json) { request =>
  request.body.validate[Post].fold({ errors => 
      "status" -> "Error", 
      "message" -> "Bad JSON",
      "details" -> JsError.toFlatJson(errors)
  }, { post =>
    Post.create(post.channelId, post.message, post.datePosted,
    Ok(Json.obj("status" -> "OK", "message" -> "Post created"))

Now, what I'm guessing that will tell you is that "5-15-2013" is not a valid date. The default date format for JSON in Play is yyyy-MM-dd. You can specify a custom one by modifying your format to say:

(__ \ "datePosted").format[Date](Format(Reads.dateReads("MM-dd-yyyy"), Writes.dateWrites("MM-dd-yyyy"))) and

Another built in one Reads.IsoDateReads, this is more standard than the American only month day year format, another approach that avoids this issue altogether is use a Long as milliseconds since epoch.

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