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I have several instances of a CMS on the same serve and plan to have a main hub where I can update the majority of the files which I want to include into each CMS. I was directed to symlinks by my hosting company of which i tried a test page e.g:

symlink('/home/site1/public_html/includes', '/home/site2/public_html/includes');

and tried to print out something from the site1 into site2 but i got an error Warning: symlink(): No such file or directory in...

I have also in desperation tried to do a basic include from site one i.e include('/home/site1/public_html/includes')

I know I may be way off which is why I posted on here.

Any help would be appreciated

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What is the path of the file this function is running in? – lincb Nov 7 '13 at 19:48
the path folder i want to include something like /home/site1/public_html/includes – simmo Nov 7 '13 at 20:00
But where is it being included from? – lincb Nov 7 '13 at 20:01
Sorry, lets say I have 2 cms's and both use the same ifles, want i want to do is remove them from one and just include them from the other....two different accounts on the server...two different domain names....hopefully that's what you want to know – simmo Nov 7 '13 at 20:05
There may be a security issue linking to a different domain name, depending on your host. – lincb Nov 7 '13 at 20:06

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