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I have a string in the following format and I want to convert it to csv format (note the separator is the underscore character "_"

Title_YYYYMMDD_emailname convert to Title,YYYYMMDD,emailname

This is simple enough using sed ...

echo "Report_20131107_jlsmith" | sed 's/_/,/g'



But there are complications trying to parse a string that contains underscores in the title field .. I want to retain the underscores in the title (if any) but change the underscores to commas for the date and emailname ...

For instance:

Report_Title_20131107_jlsmith convert to: Report_Title,20131107,jlsmith

And a related question: is there a way to compress multiple repeating instances of the underscore character for the entire string?

Report_Title____20131107_jlsmith convert to: Report_Title,20131107,jlsmith
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Last request first:

echo "Report_Title____20131107_jlsmith" | awk '{gsub(/_+/,"_")}1'

First request (using gnu awk)

echo "Report_Title_more_20131107_jlsmith" | awk '{print gensub(/_([0-9]+)_/,",\\1,","g")}'

All in one command

echo "Report_Title___more_20131107_jlsmith" | awk '{gsub(/_+/,"_");print gensub(/_([0-9]+)_/,",\\1,","g")}'
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Works perfect ... thanks. – user2966252 Nov 7 '13 at 20:57

With the format you have shown, you could replace ____YYYYMMDD_ with ,YYYYMMDD, using as follows

echo 'Report_Title____20131107_jlsmith' | sed 's/__*\([0-9]\{8\}\)__*/,\1,/g'
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Using sed

sed -r -e 's/_+/_/g' -e 's/_([^_]+)_([^_]+)$/,\1,\2/'

Or more robust with stringent regex

sed -r -e 's/_+/_/g' -e 's/^(.+)_([0-9]{8})_(\w+)$/\1,\2,\3/'
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