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I'm trying to do a simple Hello World demo in ADF (Jdeveloper 12).

I read a value from input, try to update a ADF RichOutputText (id ot1 in the sample) - but the page won't update.

The action code gets updated but not the UI.

thanks in advance!

page snippet:

bean method:

public String b1_action() {
    RichInputText inputText = getIt1(); 
    String name = "Hello "+(String)inputText.getValue()+ "!";
    System.out.println("This Is Entered "+name);
    return null;
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You have to trigger partial page update, so UI can catch up with the state.


Btw, you better switch to actionListener instead of action.

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Thank you - this is not mentioned in any of the tutorials for hello world. –  Max Tomlinson Nov 7 '13 at 22:33

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