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I'm trying to pass 3D arrays to all other processes using MPI_ALLGATHERV. v1 is a common block array.

parameter (nprocz=48,nzro=1)
do 1 i=i101,i102
  do 2 j = je0, je1-1
  do 2  k = ke0, ke1
    v1(k,j,i) = v1(k,j,i)*0.015*float(i-iv0)
2    continue
1   continue      
if (mpirank .le. nprocz-2) then
displs(mpirank+1)=mpirank*scount+1 call
MPI_ALLGATHERV(v1(1,1,i101),scount,MPI_REAL,v1(1,1,1)  ,rcount,displs,MPI_REAL,MPI_COMM_WORLD,ierr004)

but i got this error as many as my processes:

Fatal error in PMPI_Allgatherv: Internal MPI error!, error stack:
MPIR_Localcopy(378).......: memcpy arguments alias each other, dst=0x7ccddb44  
src=0x7ccddb40 len=3642752

then i tried, MPI_IN_PLACE like this:


but memory has been using incrementally until the probram crashed.

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MPI_ALLGATHERV requires that each ranks specifies the sizes and displacements for every rank in the communicator. What you do you only fill the values for a single rank:


Instead you should loop over the ranks and compute all elements of rcount and displs in each rank:

integer :: myscount, myi101

displs(1) = 0
do rank = 0, nprocz-1
   if (rank .le. nprocz-2) then
   if (rank .gt. 0) then
      displs(rank+1) = displs(rank) + rcount(rank)
   if (rank .eq. mpirank) then
      myscount = scount
      myi101 = i101
   end if
end do

scount = myscount
i101 = myi101

call mpi_allgatherv(...)

Note also that the way displs is computed is probably wrong. If the data received is to be placed with no gaps in between, the following relation should hold: displs(i) = sum(rcount(1:i-1)). Edit: I've changed the code above with one that properly computes the elements of the displs array.

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thanks, it works but still wrong results. 1-in my case, results at each part are used for the next part, especially after mpi_allgatherv.so do i need to add mpi_barrier after each mpi_allgatherv? 2-should mpi_in_place be used? consider i have only one 3d array v1 that each sub-array v1(1,1,i) is calculated by some process and i want to put the calculated subarray in the appropriate part of the same array. 3- i guess displs(i) = sum(rcount(1:i-1)) is not correct. actually it should be displs(i) = sum(rcount(1:i-1))+1 for i=>2 considering that always displs(1)=1 in fortran77 – armanx Nov 11 '13 at 2:54
so, i corrected to this: before the loop displs(1)=1, inside the loop displs(rank+2)=rank*scount+1 and after the loop displs(nprocz+1)=0. am i right? – armanx Nov 11 '13 at 2:55
Displacements are in number of elements after the beginning of the array, therefore displs(1) should be 0. Also scount depends on the rank and you cannot simply multiply it by the rank in the loop. – Hristo Iliev Nov 11 '13 at 8:41
1-i corrected to displs(1)=0 and changed displs(rank+1)=rank*scount+1 to displs(rank+2)=(rank+1)*scount. still wrong results although better than before. 2-i dont get your second sentence. scount of course depends on the rank, thats why i calculated the indices i101 and i102 based on the rank and then found scount based on them. 3- besides i dont need to have scount out of the loop, because when using mpi_in_placeparameters scount and send type will be ignored. still im confused whats the problem. – armanx Nov 11 '13 at 12:42
still the problem insists even after adding mpi_barrier before each mpi_allgather. – armanx Nov 11 '13 at 17:01

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