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I'm trying to use sed to perform an inline search and replace but I think weird characters are causing issues.

My config.inc file contains 2 lines:

$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '1';

Something simple like this works and replaces yyyy with zzzz:

sed -i "s/${x}/${y}/" config.inc

But something like this doesn't work:

x="$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '1';"
y="$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '3';"
sed -i "s/${x}/${y}/g" config.inc

Do I need to escape the characters like $ [ ] ' ; (though this doesn't work either):

x="\$GLOBALS\[\'industry_id\'\] = \'1\'\;"
y="\$GLOBALS\[\'industry_id\'\] = \'3\'\;"
sed -i "s/${x}/${y}/g" config.inc

What am I missing?

Thanks Chris

UPDATE: Ok thanks to pfnuesel the following works:

x="\\\$GLOBALS\\['industry_id'\\] = '1';"
y="$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '3';"
sed -i "s/${x}/${y}/g" config.inc
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There's still an escape character missing: y="\$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '3';" (since the $ has to be escaped in bash). –  pfnuesel Nov 7 '13 at 21:50

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'$' has a special meaning in bash (parameter expansion), you'd need to escape it, i.e.

$ x="\$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '1';"

Now you have

$ echo $x
> $GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '1';

But if you try the sed command, it will still not work, because $ has also a special meaning in sed (end of line). Also the [ and ] have special meanings in sed, we need to escape them all. Since the escape character \ also has a special meaning, we need to escape it as well.

$ x="\\\$GLOBALS\\['industry_id'\\] = '1';"

If we now do

$ echo $x
> \$GLOBALS\['industry_id'\] = '1';

i.e. one escape character before the special characters $, [ and ].

Note that this is not necessary for y, since neither $, nor [ or ] have a special meaning in the string to be replaced (only in the string to be substituted).

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I just tried the following and it didn't work: x='\$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '1';' y="$GLOBALS['industry_id'] = '3';" sed -i "s/${x}/${y}/g" config.inc –  Chris Casad Nov 7 '13 at 21:38
Thank you that worked! –  Chris Casad Nov 7 '13 at 21:47

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