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I have a class Timeline with a TreeMap field and a constructor as:

public class Timeline{
    private TreeMap<DateTime, Schedulable> schedule;

    public Timeline(TreeMap<DateTime, Schedulable> schedule) {
            this.schedule = schedule;

And I have a class Activity that has a Timeline as a field:

public class Activity extends Schedulable implements Serializable {
    private Timeline legalTimes;

    public Activity() {
        legalTimes = new Timeline(new TreeMap<DateTime, LegalTime>());
        //error here for can't find constructor     ^^^^^

where LegalTime extends Schedulable.


  • Timeline should allow others to schedule any subclass of Schedulable on its timeline (doesn't need to be consistent within the TreeMap)
  • Activity's field legalTimes should only have LegalTime on its timeline

I thought this code should work because LegalTime is a subclass of Schedulable. I also can't add a second constructor that takes TreeMap because it has the same erasure.

How can I resolve this?

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offtopic: as a best practice, consider making a defensive copy of TreeMap<DateTime, Schedulable> schedule in the Timeline constructor and assigning the copy to the schedule instance variable. –  m2o Nov 7 '13 at 21:41
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In general, even if B extends A, a Type<B> is not a Type<A>, because Java generics are invariant. This means that a TreeMap<DateTime, LegalTime> is not a TreeMap<DateTime, Schedulable>, even if LegalTime is a Schedulable.


  • Have the constructor (and corresponding instance variable) be declared to be a TreeMap<DateTime, ? extends Schedulable>.


  • Make Timeline generic, with the generic type parameter being the particular Schedulable desired:


public class Timeline<T extends Schedulable> {
    private TreeMap<DateTime, T> schedule;

    public Timeline(TreeMap<DateTime, T> schedule) {
        this.schedule = schedule;


private Timeline<LegalTime> legalTimes;


legalTimes = new Timeline<LegalTime>(new TreeMap<DateTime, LegalTime>());
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Doesn't this require that every thing in the TreeMap be of the same subclass of Schedulable? My idea is that some other class could use this as a generic timeline such that it can schedule an Activity or a Meeting or a Commute on the same timeline as long as they extend Schedulable –  Papamao Nov 7 '13 at 21:43
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