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And now I'm trying to integrate PinIt with my app using Android Pin It SDK and It works wonderfully as expected. I can now Pin a image. It was easy though. But how can I pin a video from my application? The URL below opens in a browser. It works fine. But I want to do this from my app


just like how I pin an image using the following code

PinItButton pinIt = (PinItButton) findViewById(R.id.pin_it);
pinIt.setUrl("http://placekitten.com"); // optional
pinIt.setDescription("A place kitten!"); // optional
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Try this

PinItButton pinIt = (PinItButton) findViewById(R.id.pin_it);
pinIt.setDescription("Nexus 4");
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Yup. That's correct.. Waiting for someone to answer to award the bouty. –  Rani Nov 13 '13 at 17:11

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