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I have the SKD Android Emulator. It was extremely slow, so I installed the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) and now it works really fast.

I have a very simple ADF Mobile application with 2 simple features, a "hello world" html page and a "hello world" amx page.

I deployed my app into the Android emulator in release mode, then I opened my app and it never stopped loading so I got out of the app. I tried to enter to the app again and I could enter to my html feature, but then when I tried to see my axm feature an alert popped up. It started loading and I don't know if it was going to finish loading, and then in a while:

"Failed to initialize the AdfcContext: {classname: oracle.adfmf.framework.api.Model; method: pushPageFlowScope; params: ;}"

When I deploy the Application I get this log warning:

"WARNING: No Resource Catalog enabled ADF components found to package"

I realized that I get this warning when I use the "Intel Atom (x86)" CPU in the Emulator. If I use the "ARM(armeabi-v7a)" CPU the axm page takes a really long time to load, but it works fine.

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I found that "ADF Mobile only supports the ARM EABI v7a System Image". Here: :(

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