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I've seen some discussion but I don't see any documentation on the Oracle website.

Some other stackoverflow pages mentioned this. So I tried it but I didn't get much results (yet).

So I looked for documentation and found none.

Does anyone know?

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There is no mention of its removal in the changelog and Cassandra uses -XX:+UseCondCardMark with Java 1.7 (albeit only for 64bit JVMs) so I would say it's safe to say it still exists. Typically used and useful on high volume applications, so you may not be able to see a difference with low load testing.

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This is discussed in detail at

UseCondCardMark works in server, but not in client (since 7u40, with the Oracle JVM). The JVM will default to client if it is 32 bit, and (has a single core, or less than 2GB ram):

For older than 7u40, the flag was a no-op in client mode.

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