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I have git repository (powered by gitosis) on my local ubuntu server

I want to have an access from the other local computer powered by windows xp (msysgit)

I have generated rsa key on windows machine and published to ubuntu server

I have .ssh/config file setted to use this key on windows machine

When I do

ssh git@

this works as desired, without password prompt

However when I try to clone repository with :

git clone git@


git clone ssh://

then I got following errors:

fatal: 'gitosis-admin' does not appear to be git repository

When I try to clone with existing user account e.g. user named atom

git clone atom@

this works as desired, but does not work for other repo projects

My gitosis.conf:


[group gitosis-admin]

writable = gitosis-admin

members = windows_user atom@atom-desktop

[group team]

writable = another_project

members = @all

So my question is: 'Where is the problem ?' Should I change setting of gitdaemon ?

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According to this tutorial, git clone can be done even before starting tinkering with the gitosis.conf file.
So did you follow those steps?

Firstly, it will have created a user called "git".
It has full power over the deposits, having in his home directory.

# Useradd-G git-d / home / git-s / bin / bash-m git 

Then we will get the SSH public key, and put in a temporary file as /tmp/
We will then, as root, run these commands:

sudo-H-u git gitosis-init < /tmp/ 

In this case, we'll run as git, but in addition, we will run into the home of the latter.
The gitosis-init command will initiate the filing by adding the user's public key as the deposit containing Committing configuration.

If successful, you should get a result like this:

 Initialized empty Git repository in. /
 Initialized empty Git repository in. / 

(Yes, twice!)

And if you view the contents of git home, like magic, it is full of files!

Now we'll change the file permissions.
Indeed, I sometimes noticed it does not change because of rights problems.

sudo chmod 755 /home/git/repositories/gitosis-admin.gif/hooks/post-update 

This being done, I am pleased to announce that Git your server is ready, and it only remains to add your deposits and your users!

Now all configuration is done on your computer via the deposit that we will import at once:

git clone git @ [server address]: gitosis-admin.gif
cd-gitosis admin.gif 
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I have done all things as you reported, turned out that is better to access repo by full path for ssh git clone syntax e.g. git clone ssh://git@ However to access repo without full path is better to add origin with server domain name e.g. git@atom-desktop instead of raw server address (e.g. 192. ...). Anyway big thx for your time and response , regards Tom – user85005 Jan 1 '10 at 2:40

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