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How can i pass the template name as a string when creating the "A" object. If I do that with the following code it will be written the name of the template instead of it's representation.

template1 = "Today is <%= @weekday %>."
template2 = "Tomorow is <%= @weekday %>."
template3 = "Yesterday was <%= @weekday %>."

class A
  include ERB::Util

  def initialize template, day
    @template = template
    @weekday = day

  def render()

  def save(file), "w+") do |f|

day ='%A')

#name of template from outside source as a string
template_to_use = 'template3'

list = template_to_use, day 'list.txt'

If i change the expression to template_to_use = template3 (removing the quotes) the code works fine and the file is generated correctly accordingly to the template, but the problem here is I will receive this value from a yml definition, and this value will come as a string.

So I need in some way to use this string as a method name. But I don't know how can I do It. Any help, or a better approach for this kind of problem would be appreciated.

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I think what you are really looking for is a hash:

templates = {
  'template1' => "Today is <%= @weekday %>.",
  'template2' => "Tomorow is <%= @weekday %>.",
  'template3' => "Yesterday was <%= @weekday %>."

# your other stuff here...

template_to_use = templates['template3']  #=> "Yesterday was <%= @weekday %>."
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Ok I find a solution to my initial problem. I can solve the problem using the eval. Anyway Wally Altam although it was not the solution that I was looking for thank you anyway for your help. – Paulo Magalhães Nov 9 '13 at 0:31

I found the solution for the problem, with a litle change in template definition

def template3
    %{ "Today is <%= @weekday %>." }

and with use of eval

def initialize template, day
  @template = eval(template)
  #Other code

Obs: The code isn't the prettiest one, but it wasn't the main issue here.

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