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Imagine a huge graph of users each with one attribute called email. Now imagine I have to group those that use gmail under one group called "google_mail", and those that use "yahoo" into a group called "yahoo_mail".

How do I traverse the graph that is disconnected (no root node to go visit each user node and not every user is connected (i.e. we could have completely disjointed graphs of users). I want to avoid loading all those users into memory. Is this possible?

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Are your users connected to nodes likes GoogleGroup, YahooGroup? (i.e : user -> IS_MEMBER_OF -> GoogleGroup ) –  Brice Nov 8 '13 at 15:07
Not a lot of details here, but if you don't have an index that can give you all users you'll have to do START n=node(*) then in a WHERE filter for something that lets you know that they are users. If you're using Neo4J 2.0 you could use a CASE expression to get the group, otherwise return just the IDs of the users and then possibly pull up users in batches and do what you need to do. –  LameCoder Nov 8 '13 at 16:57

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In Neo4j 2.0 there is a new feature called labels which seems to be a good fit for your use case, see http://docs.neo4j.org/chunked/milestone/graphdb-neo4j-labels.html.

To assign all nodes having an email containing "gmail" a GoogleMail label you might use:

START n=node(*)
WHERE n.email =~ '.*@gmail.com'
SET n :GoogleMail

START n=node(*)
WHERE n.email =~ '.*@yahoo.com'
SET n :Yahoo

Be aware that depending on your graph size you might use LIMIT and SKIP to apply the change not in a single huge transaction.

To get a list of all gmail users:

MATCH (n:GoogleMail) RETURN n
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