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I have this code from the PIL-handbook but I get an error message.

from PIL import Image, ImageEnhance, ImageChops

im ="D:\\Python26\\PYTHON-PROGRAMME\\bild.jpg")

# split the image into individual bands
source = im.split()

R, G, B = 0, 1, 2

# select regions where red is less than 100
mask = source[R].point(lambda i: i < 100 and 255)

# process the green band
out = source[G].point(lambda i: i * 0.7)

# paste the processed band back, but only where red was < 100
source[G].paste(out, None, mask)

# build a new multiband image
im = Image.merge(im.mode, source)
im = im.point(lambda i: expression and 255)"D:\\Python26\\PYTHON-PROGRAMME\\bild2.jpg")


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Python26\PYTHON-PROGRAMME\00000000000000000", line 14, in <module>
    out = source[G].point(lambda i: i * 0.7)
IndexError: tuple index out of range
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the script as printed will not work because of an undefined expression –  hop Dec 31 '09 at 13:29
the problem must be with your image or your installation. i can't see a problem with this code. are you sure you are showing us the exact same thing that produces the exception? –  hop Dec 31 '09 at 13:31

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Code runs fine for me, on a colour image.

I would expect you to get the quoted error if you tried to operate on an image that only had one colour channel — ie. a black-and-white JPEG. How about im= im.convert('RGB') before the split, to be sure?

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wow! you must be a great programmer :) I does work now –  kame Dec 31 '09 at 14:02

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