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My job is to traverse a tree and add html tags around the target word with the following contstraints:

A taggable word is a sequence of alphabetic letters that is not a part of another word, and may have one of the following punctuations AS THE LAST CHARACTER: period '.', comma ',', question mark '?', exclamation point '!', colon ':' and semicolon ';'.

Note that the taggable word may be embedded within a longer piece of text (such as tagging "quick" in the "The quick brown fox"), and may occur multiple times in the containing text.

As another example, if you were asked to add a bold tag around "cow", you would tag the entire word, along with last character punctuation, in the following cases: "cow", "cow!", "cow?", "cow.", "cow;", "cow:", "COW", "cOw". That is you would have "cow", "cow!", "cow?", "cow.", "cow:", "cow;", "COW", "cOw" (the last two are case insensitive matches).

But you would NOT tag "cow" in these words: "cows", "cowabunga" (in both cases, not a word by itself, but part of a bigger word), "?cows", (not just letters, punctuation not last character) "cow?!!", (only one punctuation character at the end is acceptable), "cow's" (apostrophe is not a letter).

traversing the tree is no problem, but I am having trouble coming up with a block that will determine where the proper place to add the tags are:

private void inorderAdd(TagNode root, String tag){
      if (root == null){

      //Test if the tag is in the string at all
          String text = root.tag;
          String[] pieces =  text.split(" ");

          //check each array item for the target sequence
          for(int i = 0; i < pieces.length-1; i++){ 


      inorderAdd(root.firstChild, tag);
      inorderAdd(root.sibling, tag);


At this point I have the phrase that I know contains the tag split into an array with each word separated. I'm not sure where to go from here, as I need to consider case at some point as well as having a number of punctuation characters as well.

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This site should not be regarded as a code generator tool. –  Paul Vargas Nov 8 '13 at 6:16
that's not what I'm looking for, is there some way to avoid numerous if statements for each punctuation mark, or case variant of the tag? –  user2812890 Nov 8 '13 at 6:18

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You should look at Pattern

Something like:

Pattern reg = Pattern.compile( "\\b(" + tag + "[!.:?]?)\\b", Pattern. CASE_INSENSITIVE)

Then you should be able to check the condition like this:

Matcher m = reg.matcher(text)
if (m.matches()) //true if found a match

m.start(1) / m.end(1) //get the exact location of matched word
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