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I want to create a sale order form. For which the form should allow insertion of line items. I dont want to restrict the number of line items. I decided to display 4 empty records in which user is allowed to type line items. If he wants to type the 5th line item then i have to make the 5th empty row visible to the user. using a scroll bar he should be able to see the first record also.

How to do this in oracle forms 10g.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Set the Number of Records Displayed property of the line item block to 4 and the Show Scrollbar property to Yes.

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add text item based on your table (in the proprety database-yes ,and write ehich table the item base) on the property of the block do the scrollbar property to yes. add simple button to the forms and wrie commit_form. try it

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