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Which setting needs to be done in init.el file, which allows completing the rest of command if one hit M-x and initial letter of the command.

Infact in need something similar as ido-mode for minibuffer too

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I think you are talking about incremental completion, i.e., having Emacs automatically complete what you type in the minibuffer, without your having to explicitly request completion (e.g., using TAB).

Incremental completion is available in Icicles, as well as Ido and IswitchB. And icomplete-mode shows you completion candidates in a similar way to Ido and IswitchB.

Icicles incremental completion has two aspects:

  1. When buffer *Completions* is displayed and updated, showing you the candidates matching your input -- how soon that happens and what triggers updating

  2. Whether and how much your minibuffer input is expanded (completed) to reflect the set of matching completions

Wrt *Completions* display (#1):

You can use C-# to cycle among the levels (normal, eager, off) at any time.

  • Normal means that *Completions* is not displayed until you ask for it, but thereafter it is automatically updated as you type/edit your input.

  • Eager means that *Completions* is displayed as soon as you type something that matches at least two candidates.

(There is also an option to show *Completions* from the outset, before you type anything -- useful as a kind of menu.) You can also specify how long to wait after you type or delete a character before updating *Completions*.

Wrt input expansion (#2):

Icicles is unique in expanding your input to (typically) the longest common match among all completions, even when completion uses apropos matching (that is, regexp or substring -- S-TAB), not just prefix matching (TAB).

There are 4 levels/behaviors for this expansion, plus off (no expansion):

  • Off -- this is like Ido and IswitchB: completions are shown, but your input is not completed
  • On request -- expand your input only when requested (TAB or S-TAB)
  • On request or sole candidate -- on request or when there is only one match
  • Always for TAB, on request for S-TAB -- TAB expands whenever possible; S-TAB is like previous
  • Always -- expand input whenever possible

C-" toggles between two of the input-expansion behaviors that you choose (a user option), and C-M-" cycles among all of the behaviors.

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The ido-mode for the "M-x minifuffer" is called smex (smex use ido).

Available on the main package repos of Emacs. Homepage here

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