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I have the flowing setup

  • Windows server 2012 Standard
  • IIS-8
  • Ria services 1.0 sp1
  • Silverlight 4

I need to make this applications work but I tried about anything to make this setup work. Any one know What i need to install to make Ria services work in this environment.

Already tried to install ria service on the server and using the option SERVER=true

I just keep getting the 404 when trying to connect to the server on web-config. I tried to include the wcf tracing on the web-config but the trace doesn't register anything.

Anyone have a step by step installation guild from a just installed server to a server that cans run ria service application of silverlight 4?

already tried everything here WCF RIA Service deployment issue

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You also need the HTTP Activation feature installed for your IIS.

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