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I am working on and HTML page from where users can upload videos to my youtube account using javascript. So i want my javascript code to request my youtube account's access token from my server and then make upload request using that token.

On server side i am using python youtube api. I am using programaticlogin() function to login to youtube on server side but i am not able to get the access token to send to my javascript code. I tried _getauthtoken() function to get token and then sent this token to javascript. But while uploading youtube server gave this error! "NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized - https://www.googleapis.com/upload/youtube/v3/videos?uploadType=resumable&part=snippet"

How can i get a token that has the access to upload videos?

Here is the code i am using on server side:

    def get_yt_access_token(request):
      yt_service = gdata.youtube.service.YouTubeService()
      yt_service.developer_key = YT_DEVELOPER_KEY
      yt_service.email = YT_EMAIL
      yt_service.password = YT_PASSWORD
      yt_service.source = YT_SOURCE
      yt_service.ssl = YT_SERVICE_SSL

      tokens = dict()
      tokens["yt"] = yt_service._GetAuthToken().split("=")[1]
      tokens["db"] = DROP_BOX["TOKEN_KEY"]
      return HttpResponse(json.dumps(tokens), mimetype="application/json")
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