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I need to make a fixed header containing a slicknav menu. This is the homepage of the JQuery plugin: http://slicknav.com/

I know how to make a slicknav menu: http://jsbin.com/UqUloNO/4

And i know how to make a basic fixed header: http://jsbin.com/AwEDura/1/

But i don't know how can i put them together. This is an example of what i am doing: http://jsbin.com/OzOgaFO/1/ There is the fixed header but the slicknav disappear under.

Someone knows how can i make a fixed header containing a slicknav menu?

Thank you!

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Just apply position: fixed style to your menu element. Example:

.slicknav_menu {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    top: 0;

Working sample: http://jsbin.com/UqUloNO/2/

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