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I'm using a static class to wrap the Yahoo YUI compressor:

public static class Minifier
    private static readonly ICompressor javaScriptCompressor = 
                                                   new JavaScriptCompressor()
        CompressionType = CompressionType.Standard,
        IgnoreEval = true,
        ObfuscateJavascript = true,
        PreserveAllSemicolons = true

    private static readonly ICompressor cssCompressor = new CssCompressor()
        CompressionType = CompressionType.Standard,
        RemoveComments = true

    public static string GetCompressedCss(string data)
        //aaaand... action
        return cssCompressor.Compress(data);

I was wondering if the compressor classes are thread save?

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Just create a new instance every time and be safe by construction. –  usr Nov 8 '13 at 12:31

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JavaScriptCompressor is not thread safe and should be recreated upon use (it stores state). CssCompressor does not store state.

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