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I'm new to writing php extensions. I'm using visual studio to generate a DLL. I know how to write a php dll extension that doesn't update mysql database tables but have virtually no clue about the mysql c api and how it applies to php/zend api. I've looked for an answer e.g. here http://zetcode.com/db/mysqlc/ and on stackoverflow but not sure how to apply them. My question is, how do I turn this:

Foreach($val_arr as $row){
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table`(`col1`, `col2`, `col3`) VALUES    ('".$row['val1']."','"$row['val2']"','".$row['val3']."')");

into a php extension. what would the code look like?

I've included the following header files:

#include "php.h"
#include "php_globals.h"
#include "zend_globals.h"
#include "zend_globals_macros.h"
#include "php_win32_globals.h"
#include "php_mysql.h"
#include "php_mysql_structs.h"
#include "mysql_mysqlnd.h"
#include "php_standard.h"
#include "php_mysqlnd.h"

My other question is do I have to reconnect to the database in extension if i've made a connection in my php script already? I hope i'm clear. Apologies if I'm not. I'd appreciate any assistance.


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