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I'm using a NI acquisition board with a computer using Matlab 64bits. As a consequence I have to use the daq.Session interface.

What I'm trying to do is:

  1. Send a frame from a computer.
  2. Record this frame from on another computer by connecting the ADC board and the DAC board to each other.

The script for emitting the data works properly (verified on the scope) but I can't seem to make the receiver do its job.

My main problem is that I'd like to start recording the data only when there is actually data. I thought using a addlistener on DataAvailable would do the trick but it seems as I'm doing something wrong because the data is not synchronized with the start of the frame and sometimes I have two piece of frame on the same recording. Furthermore when I disconnect the coaxial cable - which means that there is no more data available - I still fire the DataAvailable event, which is odd.

I've put my piece of code bellow in case it helps. I must admit that I'm kind of lost in this daq.Session interface... Any pointers would be appreciated!

The Main Script:

clear all

% Parameters
Fs = 1000;                          % Sampling frequency in Hz.
NumberOfScans = 2000;               % Number of scans to acquire.
N = 100;                            % Number of frames to receive

% Session Input configuration
sIn = daq.createSession('ni');
sIn.Rate = Fs;
sIn.NumberOfScans = NumberOfScans;
lh = sIn.addlistener('DataAvailable', @DataReceiver);
measurementTypeIn = 'Voltage';
deviceIDIn = 'dev1';
channelIDIn = 'ai0';
chIn = sIn.addAnalogInputChannel(deviceIDIn, channelIDIn, ...

% Input Data
for ii = 1:N

    % Read data
    disp(['Output number ' num2str(ii) ' started.'])

% Delete listener

The callback function:

function DataReceiver(src, event)
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