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I have apache web server installed as frontend and I have j2ee SAP Netweaver Application Server installed in Intranet server. How can I configure apache to forward requests and response to/from j2ee app server. for example, external apache server's ip is internal sap server's address is I want access to my sap app server for example

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You mentioned load balancing- so presumably you want to be able to add more Application Servers that are served through a single address. I hope they are stateless or storing session information in a database. You can use Apache to serve as a reverse proxy load balancer with mod_proxy_balancer. Docs are here.

Here's an example of what to add to your httpd.conf from this link.

 <Proxy balancer://myclustername>
  # cluster member 1

  # cluster member 2, the fastest machine so double the load
  BalancerMember loadfactor=2
  BalancerMember loadfactor=2

  # cluster member 3

  # cluster member 4

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerAdmin info@meinprof.de
  ServerName www.meinprof.de
  ServerAlias meinprof.de
  ProxyPass / balancer://meinprofcluster/
  ProxyPassReverse / balancer://meinprofcluster/
  ErrorLog /var/log/www/www.meinprof.de/apache_error_log
  CustomLog /var/log/www/www.meinprof.de/apache_access_log combined
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This is often mistakenly referred to as a reverse proxy. If you use a search engine to find "reverse proxy apache" you will get many good results.

The quick answer is to add something like this to your apache.conf

ProxyPass /sap/

< Location /sap/ >

    ProxyPassReverse /sap/

< /Location >

See also the modrewrite rools and the [P] option.

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Actually, this is a reverse proxy. A forward proxy is a host that channels requests to provide caching and filtering. I don't know why you would say it is "mistakenly" referred to as a reverse proxy. –  MattMcKnight Oct 14 '08 at 17:35

Assuming you have mod_proxy enabled, add to you're sites-available:

   ProxyRequests Off
   <Location "/sapserver">

Be careful though as this does expose your internal site to the entire internet.

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Doesn't work pretty good. I've experienced issues with image rendering and styles of page (j2ee application). Page rendered without graphics and css styles. What I can you advise? –  Vik Gamov Oct 13 '08 at 18:54
Can you check that the J2EE app isn't referencing the images and CSS via absolute URLs instead of relative? –  Mark Roddy Oct 14 '08 at 17:34

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